Hello glee wikians! Yes, stage one voting is fast approaching and as we all know you can't vote unless you have some categories to vote in, so this page will list all the categories you can vote for your favourite users in for The Glee Wiki Yearbook 2011-12! Remember not every user is up for the vote in every category so be sure to check their information pages to see who you can vote for in each category! This is only temporarily though and eventually we will update the category list with who you can vote for within that category! So without further ado here is the list of The Glee Wiki Yearbook 2011-12 categories:

  • Most embarrassing incident.
  • Naturally drunk.
  • Hardest worker.
  • Most random.
  • Most annoying but loved. Choose from: Gleekobsessed, Gliebe

Most likely to end up in jail. Choose from: Gleekobsessed

■ Most fanciable male.

■ Most fanciable female. Choose from: Sahar92

■ Coolest user. Choose from: Gleekobsessed, Sahar92, Gliebe

■ Best Couple.

■ Most likely to be the first to get married.

■ Most likely to become a millionaire. Choose from: Gliebe

■ Most likely to become the boss of all of us. Choose from: Gleekobsessed, Sahar92, Gliebe

■ Most likely to become a teacher. Choose from: Sahar92

■ Most likely to travel the world.

Friendliest user. Choose from: Sahar92

■ Funniest user.

■ Most dangerous. Choose from: Gleekobsessed

■ Most care-free.

■ Most school spirit.

■ Most likely to have a talk show.

■ Most likely to own a business.

■ Most likely to become famous.

■ Most likely to win an olympic gold medal.

■ Most likely to become president.

■ Hardest worker.

Most Random. Choose from:Gliebe

■ Biggest Diva.

■ Most Sexiest.

■ Most Popular.

■ Class Clown.

  • Best Bromance.
  • Best Womance.

■ User of the year. Choose from: Any user, all members of the chat moderators, spam team, administrators or bureaucrats qualify for this category.

There you have it glee wikians! Those are your categories for The Glee Wiki Yearbook 2011-12! Remember you can only vote once on each category for each person! Stage one voting will begin sometime in June, so until then have a good think about who you want to vote for! This page will be constantly updated with who you can vote for so your choosing process is much more smoother! More information about the exact date will be released closer to the june time period! Have a good think and best of luck! Goodbye glee wikians!

The Glee Wiki Yearbook Staff.

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